Fraudsters use AI tools to create phony job posts to get your attention, info, and money

Local AI experts say fraudsters can create scam job posts in a matter of seconds
Krista Gustafson
Posted at 6:18 AM, Jul 27, 2023

Researchers say the process of finding and landing a new job is becoming more grueling. It’s taking an average of 44 days right now to hire a new employee for most companies according to a report by Global Talent Trends.

We know these fraudsters are already crafty, but when you give them access to AI technology they can create an attractive fake job post in a matter of seconds. They'll even design it specifically for you, hoping to get your attention, your information, and even your money.

”Looking for a job is a full-time job,” said Krista Gustafson, a News5 viewer who is in the midst of a job search right now. ”You are doing that in droves sometimes just hoping to get an interview or talk to somebody.”

She’s trying to go the extra mile to be safe during her job search, but she’s concerned about fake job posts she’s seen online that aren’t always easy to spot.

Krista Gustafson
”It’s already exhausting, but then to incorporate that additional layer of am I going to get scammed? Just trying to get a job it’s horrifying,” said Krista Gustafson, who is actively searching for jobs right now in the Pikes Peak Region.

”It’s already exhausting, but then to incorporate that additional layer of 'Am I going to get scammed?' Just trying to get a job it’s horrifying,” said Gustafson.

Even when a job offer seems too good to be true, she says it’s hard to not spend valuable time looking into it.

”I think that is maybe a red flag, but still… you want to explore it.,” she said.

Dr. Dennis Natali is the artificial intelligence policy chair for Pikes Peak State College. He says this advancing technology is fueling the volume and efficiency of job scams.

”It is so accurate and so convincing because they can actually craft this just to you and nobody else,” said Dr. Natali.

Dr. Natali found my resume and information online and showed me how a fraudster utilizing AI could use that info to offer me a phony job in a matter of seconds.

”In 30 seconds I had a wonderful recruiting letter spear phished just to you,” said Dr. Natalli.

He says if we take the bait on these phony job posts and provide the crooks with what they need, the damage comes quickly and can be devastating.

”Instant draining of cash and selling your information and if I click on any link here comes the malware, they own my computer, or if I click a link on my phone they can scan my phone, lock it out and go to all my websites,” said Dr. Natalli.

Despite the dangers, Gustafson hopes job applicants won’t give up searching for what they want.

”Be optimistic I would say. There are real companies and legitimate things it just takes a little more work than it used to.”

Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission to help you stay clear of a job scam

  • Avoid imposters by verifying job postings on official websites or by calling the company directly
  • do an online search of the company to see what others are saying
  • protect your personal information
  • never deposit a check from someone you don’t know 

And remember– don’t click a link you’re unsure of. if you are worried about a job post you can reach out to us at News5 anytime for help using


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