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Early Black Friday sales starting: Should you shop or wait?

Retailers starting sales earlier than ever
Black Friday Sales
Posted at 4:00 AM, Oct 28, 2022

As you're out and about the next few days, you may see stores advertising some big early holiday sales.

And many shoppers are getting an early start on their holiday shopping.

At one craft shop,Bunches of Bows, Jenna Young was getting an early start.

"I think it's good to start shopping early so that you can have a better selection of items," she said.

Shoppers everywhere are doing the same thing, with memories of last year's shortages still fresh in their minds.

So retailers are responding with earlier-than-ever holiday deals.

TargetandBest Buy have begun offering some Black Friday deals this week.

Walmart will start offering Black Friday deals online on November 7.

But do you buy now? Or wait for Thanksgiving, the real thing?

What should shoppers do?

Darrin Duber-Smith is a senior lecturer in the marketing department at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He says shopping early is a wise move.

"Smart shoppers have always shopped throughout the year," he said. "Smart shoppers really don't wait until the holiday season."

He says the holiday creep is happening earlier than ever in part because of inflation.

"Consumers, as the holidays approach this year, might find that they don't have as much money to spend as they thought they did," he said.

He says Amazon also ignited a sales frenzy with its October Early Access Sale.

"The retailers continue to have to one-up each other and do deals earlier in the year," he said.

Duber-Smith says if you are looking for a particular gift or just something special for yourself, your best bet is to buy it now and not wait for a Black Friday sale.

Bunches of Bows owner Tracie Punch Alexander stocked up this year, to avoid last year's thin shelves.

"We are stocked up with great platters and serving pieces," she said.

But she suggests shoppers not hold off too long.

"I wouldn't wait, I think things will get picked over pretty quickly this year," she said.

But Duber-Smith says if you see a sale, pay attention to the type of deals being offered.

If you see "doorbuster" or "two-for-one" sales on an item, that probably means the store has too much of it.

But if it says "50 percent off," for example, that could be competitive and worth considering.

If you love the Black Friday shopping tradition, and the thrill of the hunt, then wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

Otherwise, take advantage of deals now, so you don't waste your money.


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