Concrete ramps near driveways to blame for many crumbling neighborhood streets

Repair crews in Colorado Springs say these are a problem and against city code
Posted at 5:00 AM, May 09, 2023

COLORADO SPRINGS — Concrete ramps known as "slugs" are being blamed for the pesky potholes and the crumbling edges of many neighborhood streets. News5 looks into why it’s a common problem in Colorado Springs that will need to be addressed.

This time of year road repair requests are coming in from across Colorado Springs and I’m learning many of these repairs are needed along the edge of neighborhood streets. The road repair experts tell News5 these “slugs” or concrete ramps poured in gutters in front of driveways are widespread. They are not only against code, but they’re a reason why many streets are crumbling.

“We started to have a small hole and after the years it got bigger and bigger,” said Colorado Springs homeowner Rene Garcia.

He has lived in this home near Circle and Galley for more than 20 years. He says says it has been a struggle to get the attention of the city’s road repair crews to take a look at the crumbling road just behind his driveway.

”Watching the news and seeing you solving people’s problems and helping the people I thought maybe they can help me out,” said Garcia.

News5 followed up with Colorado Springs Public Works leaders and a few weeks later the crumbling road was patched.

”I’m thrilled. I’m so happy that News5 responded,” said Garcia.

Road repair crews say what they saw in the roadway near Garcia’s home is an example of a citywide problem caused by cement ramps or “slugs” poured in the gutters near homes.

”It will actually stop the water and pool it up which causes icing issues in the winter, or it can actually divert the water out into the roadway which in this instance is what happened. It prematurely deteriorates the asphalt in front of their house,” warned Colorado Springs Public Works Operations and Maintenance Manager Corey Farkas.

In many cases like Garcia’s, the slug was in his gutter when he moved in. It’s such a common problem that the city is looking for opportunities to remove the slugs when possible. But instead of using portable ramps, road repair experts say some homeowners are pouring cement right back in.

”There are thousands of them within the city,” said Farkas.

Seeing the roadway fall apart in the very same way in front of other homes in his neighborhood, Garcia is now encouraging others to speak up too.

”We pay taxes to have this taken care of, so people do need to start stepping up and calling and notifying the city that there is a problem,” said Garcia.

If you have a road repair request in Colorado Springs you can call (719) 385-ROAD (7623) or you can utilize the GOCOS app through this link:

Road repair experts tell News5 using the GoCOS! app is the preferred method because it allows consumers to upload photos and to track in real time when their repair is scheduled, in progress, and completed.

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