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MGM Resorts back online 10 days after cyberattack

Up until now, people had not been able to make hotel and casino reservations online. Previously, guests couldn't use their room keys.
MGM Resorts back online 10 days after cyberattack
Posted at 7:04 AM, Sep 23, 2023

MGM Resorts is back online after a 10-day cyberattack caused havoc on hotel and casino operations. 

When the incident was first reported on Sept. 10, hotel guests couldn't even use their digital room keys or charge anything to their rooms. And it wasn't until now that the company was able to accept reservations online. 

"We are pleased that all of our hotels and casinos are operating normally. Our amazing employees are ready to help guests with any intermittent issues. We thank you for your patience and look forward to welcoming you soon," MGM Resorts said in a statement on Wednesday.

Before this update, people had been forced to call to book hotel and casino reservations at MGM properties. The company says bookings are functioning again on its website and mobile app.

This was the last in a series of issues that MGM had been working to restore. 

It is believed that the cyberattack was carried out by teens and young adults that are a part of a notorious ransomware gang known to many security firms as "Scattered Spider," among other names, sources say. The Washington Post reported that the group was tied to a Telegram account that took ownership of the breach.

In addition to MGM, rival Caesars Entertainment also reported a cyberattack on Sept. 7. Operations at Caesars' hotels and casinos were not disrupted, but the company said it could not guarantee that personal information from its tens of millions of customers had not been compromised.

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