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‘Melting Onions’ Will Become Your New Go-To Side Dish

‘Melting Onions’ Will Become Your New Go-To Side Dish
Posted at 11:00 AM, Dec 15, 2021

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Looking for some new ideas for side dishes for the upcoming holiday meals and beyond? The classics such as rice, pasta and potatoes always work well and can be a delicious addition to any dinner menu.

But when we saw a recipe online for an onion side dish that wasn’t fried up into a crispy ring, it got our attention. If you want something that will raise eyebrows as well as get mouths watering, then you need to feast your eyes on these special “melting onions!”

The English Kitchen

This Melting Onions recipe comes from Marie of The English Kitchen website, who says she sourced it fromDiana Henry’s “Pure Simple Cooking”. If you love comfort food then you’ll love exploring her recipes. Not only do the onions in her photos look like they could melt in your mouth, but preparing them seems almost too simple to turn out so well.

You’ll only need five ingredients for these slow-roasted onions: medium-sized brown/yellow onions, olive oil, salt, pepper and salted butter. That’s all!

The preparation for Melting Onions is pretty simple. You will need aluminum foil and a little bit of patience. To get the melt-in-your-mouth texture, the onions need to be covered tightly and need a heaping helping of the secret ingredient: time. The combination of the long cook time and securely-wrapped onions will make them fall-apart tender and irresistible.

The English Kitchen

Marie recommends using a roasting pan that will keep the onions secure in a single layer, which assures even cooking throughout all the vegetables.

In addition to the butter added at the end of the recipe, Marie also recommends adding cheese if you’re in the mood to take this side dish to another level (and why not?). Just note that you will have to take the skins off before digging in!

Head to the full recipe post from The English Kitchen to get the full ingredients list and complete instructions on how to make these savory melting onions for your next dinner event or simply to surprise your family. You’ll look like a gourmet chef and never have to tell anyone how easy it was to make.

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