Marijuana Manners: Navigating the new world of weed

Posted at 8:53 PM, Apr 18, 2019

(NBC News) As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the social norms around consuming the plant are changing.

Lizzie Post, the granddaughter of famous etiquette author Emily Post, is helping people navigate the new world of weed with her new book, titled “Higher Etiquette.” Whether it’s for casual use or a special event, Post gives advice on marijuana manners, including a guide to table setting for paired dinners and the best practices for sharing devices.

“Try not to consume with others if you’re sick – stick to your own personal methods,” said Post.

Whether cannabis is absorbed, infused, eaten or smoked, keep in mind that some may want to keep their consumption offline.

“Always ask first whether someone’s comfortable with photos being taken,” said Post.

Remember: if you do indulge, it’s always illegal to drive after consuming cannabis.

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