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Major companies move back return-to-office plans amid COVID-19 spike

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Posted at 11:45 AM, Aug 06, 2021

The delta variant is standing dominant as COVID-19 spreads across the U.S.

The variant is forcing major companies to tweak their calendars, which had already been tweaked and retweaked.

Some return-to-office plans are getting bumped to 2022 at this point.

Wells Fargo and BlackRock are among the latest, and Amazon is delaying a return to work until the new year as well. 

Health officials fear what is headed our way. As case counts surge across the nation, daily diagnoses are creeping closer to 100,000 on average.

On Wednesday, there were 103,000 infections in the U.S. The level of community transmission is high across two-thirds of the map. Top COVID-19 doctors are watching a few spots very closely. 

White House coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients said, "In seven states alone – Florida, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi – states with some of the lowest vaccination rates – account for about half of new cases and hospitalizations in the past week."

Hospitalizations across the U.S. have more than tripled over the last month and health care workers are struggling to keep up.

This story was originally published by Chance Seales and other staff at Newsy.