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MacKenzie Scott gave more than $2.1 billion to charity this year

MacKenzie Scott gave more than $2.1 billion to charity this year
Posted at 10:35 AM, Dec 13, 2023

MacKenzie Scott has donated $2.2 billion to 360 organizations this year, she announced through her philanthropic organization Yield Giving.

Since she first signed the Giving Pledge to give away the bulk of her fortune, back in 2019, the author and philanthropist has made more than $16 billion in charitable donations.

In a Dec. 6 post on Yield Giving, Scott gave a short announcement about the donations and then listed all of the 300-plus groups that received gifts.

“Excited to call attention to these 360 outstanding organizations, every one of whom could use more allies,” she wrote. “Grateful to everyone in the extended team who made it possible to give them gifts, $2,153,000,000 delivered since my post last December. Inspired by all the ways people work together to offer each other goodwill and support.”

The list includes nonprofits offering legal aid, community healthcare groups, housing projects, organizations that provide job training and education, programs for at-risk children and many more.

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Her brief statement on the site is in contrast to the fanfare that many other billionaires create when donating money, according to Gabrielle Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of The Panorama Group.

“My word count had that it was 54 words,” she told AP News. “It’s almost like a haiku.”

Scott also declines most press requests to comment on her donations. She tends to offer donations to large national nonprofit groups that have local outposts across the country, and she’s drawn to help in the areas of education, health, economic security and equity. And she makes an effort at total transparency by detailing her giving process and providing a database of recipients.

She is also accepting grant applications via an open call at Yield, with plans to donate $1 million each to 250 groups next year.

The settlement from Scott’s divorce from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2019 left her with $35 billion in Amazon stock, and even after signing the Giving Pledge that year and donating more than 20% of her wealth to charity, she is currently the fourth richest woman in America, worth just under $40 billion.

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