Kids on Bikes

Kids on Bikes

KOAA5 is partnering with Kids on Bikes. With your help, we will give the gift of health and cycling to hundreds of children in need. We are asking people in our community to drop off their old kid-sized and adult-sized bikes at local drop-off sites. These bicycles will be overhauled, made good as new, and then distributed to participating neighborhoods.

Daniel with his bicycle

Kids on Bikes is an exceptional program where children learn about cycling and are given an opportunity to earn their own bike. Partner schools, community centers, library and other organizations receive rejuvenated bikes, and then neighborhood kids go through a safety course or other educational training. In a couple of weeks, the kids pass the course and get to keep their bikes! Here is a link to a program map to see which communities are already participating.

Bike Camp

The success of Kids on Bike relies on you and your generosity. If you have a bicycle gathering dust, put it to good use and donated it! Donation drop-off locations are listed below. Learn more about the program at Cash donations are also accepted through their site. Join us and let’s get Kids on Bikes!

Kids on Bikes Team