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How To Make A Hanging Succulent Ball

How To Make A Hanging Succulent Ball
Posted at 5:00 AM, Aug 30, 2020

Looking to add some decorative plants to your home but don’t exactly have a green thumb? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Whether you don’t have good luck with plants or simply don’t like to invest a lot of time and energy into keeping them watered, there are still some beautiful options for you.

Succulents (such as cactus, aloe vera, and echeveria elegans) thrive with minimal watering and care. In fact, these low-maintenance wonders of nature have become quite trendy in recent years as people with busy lifestyles look to bring a touch of nature into their lives. We’ve seen succulent bridal bouquets and even table-top indoor gardens adorned with these sturdy plants.


If you’re looking for a relatively easy DIY project to add some succulent style to your home, then you might want to give a hanging succulent orb a try!

One of the best tutorials we’ve found online to help you create one of these beautiful botanical displays is from Better Homes & Gardens.

This is an old-fashioned look with a modern twist, according to the tutorial. Because the orb is large, you will need to pick up a lot of succulents to make the sphere look full. You’re in luck because the end of the summer season is the perfect time of year to pick up these plants!

Head over to your local garden center or a large store like Lowe’s to find markdowns on succulent varieties. You’ll want to make sure you find plants that tolerate the cold if you plan to keep your hanging planter outside year-round. After all, those fall nights can get chilly in a hurry.

Once you choose your favorite succulent plants, you’ll want to gather your tools and materials, which include a screwdriver, some cardboard, cactus soil, floral foam blocks, moss, floral wire, two metal hanging baskets with coco liner. For a full list of materials, check out the step-by-step tutorial at Better Homes & Gardens.

The tutorial says the project should take about two hours to put together. Once it’s done, you will have a gorgeous planter to display that will continue to grow over time, like the one featured in this tweet by Harddy Succulents. Absolutely beautiful!

Better Homes & Gardens recommends simply submerging your entire succulent orb to water it. It only needs watering after it completely dries, so this DIY project really will be a low-maintenance, long-term piece of landscaping for your home.

Lowe’s also has its own tutorial online for how to make a hanging succulent ball. The company labels the project suitable for beginners and says it will cost less than $100 to tackle. Check out Lowe’s step-by-step guide at their website.

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