Pueblo, Home of Heroes, honors nation's fallen on Memorial Day

Pueblo, Home of Heroes, honors nation's fallen on Memorial Day
Posted at 6:56 PM, May 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 12:07:32-04

PUEBLO — Pueblo is known as the “Home of Heroes” and on Monday, many came out to honor those who died while serving the United States.

The Pueblo Veterans Council hosted a day of observance for fallen heroes. The ceremony happened at the Veterans Bridge on the Pueblo Riverwalk. It honors the sacrifice of men and women who served out country as hundreds of names are listen on the bridge.

“It’s very heartwarming because this, this really is the center of our community. You're down here on the Riverwalk here at veterans bridge,” said Jeff Chostner, district attorney who is also a retired Air Force Colonel.

Chostner also em-ceed the ceremony. Key note speakers included military families and veterans.

“You had really an all encompassing sort of view from a combat veteran, a Korean war veteran, somebody whose father had been in the Bataan Death March during World War II,” said Chostner.

It's the largest Memorial Day Ceremony, as more than 100 people listened to emotional stories, and families also laid down wreaths to honor fallen heroes.

“Memorial day is one of those days that makes you think back and remember people you've lost,” said Freddie Strickland, a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer 5. “It's heart wrenching whenever you come to one of these events.”

Memorial Day is a day to come together, and to honor and recognize those who lost their lives when serving and protecting the country. Losing a loved one in the military, hits close to home for many, including Sal Katz.

“I’ve had several friends of mine that have not come back. This day, it's about every veteran that has not come back from the Vietnam war, to World War II to World War I, everybody,” said Katz, a U.S. Army veteran who served for 32 years.

Pueblo has one of the largest veteran populations in the nation, and a flyover was also held to support those who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

“Because these veterans that have not come back from the Civil War to all the way to Afghanistan and everything in between. I think it's so important that every community member, the families, remember them,” said Katz.

This Memorial Day ceremony has been going on annually since the early 2000’s.

There were also a few local organizations and non profits providing resources to veterans and active duty military who were here.