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Fans react to Opening Day in full swing at Coors Field

Posted at 7:18 PM, Apr 08, 2022

DENVER — Major League Baseball is officially back. Friday was the second day of action in the league, and today was the home opener for the Colorado Rockies as they hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Fans haven’t been able to enjoy an opening day like this since 2019. It looked a lot different last year because COVID restrictions were in place and Coors Field was not open at full capacity. And this year, a lockout pushed back the start of the regular season.

News5 spoke to fans who said they’re just happy baseball is back in full swing at 20th and Blake in Denver.

“Yup, excited to be back here. Great fans. Hopefully the Rockies will have a great team this year,” said Jesse Valenzuela, a Rockies fan who was born and raised in Denver.

It was a pandemic last year and the seats were a little separated. You couldn’t sit right next to each other. And right now it looks packed. And hopefully we have a sold out crowd here,” said Robert Salazar and Tammy Robles, who are Dodgers fans and traveled from Los Angeles to catch the game.

COVID restrictions were lifted at Coors Field last summer, which is when fans no longer had to wear masks and the stadium opened at full capacity.

A full house on Friday, is what many were hoping for too.

“The opening day here after a few years, of not having a true opening day. Ideal. I’m vaccinated, I’m boosted, and I’m happy to be here,” said Brandon Penrod, a Rockies fan.

“I was very excited to be able to go the opening day of the Rockies game. I’ve actually never been to the opening day,” said Tatum Jones, a 9-year-old fan attending her first opening day.

Fans like her and others are now hoping the threat of a pandemic and a lockout are behind us, and now it’s all about moving forward with the season.

“Beautiful day. We got this. Exciting to be back for baseball. That’s what it is. Exciting to be back for baseball,” said Salazar and Robles.

The first pitch of the ball game was thrown by Russell Wilson, the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Keep in mind, if you do plan on attending a game or enjoying the opening weekend series, it is a cashless stadium and tickets are digital.