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Colorado Springs enjoys sights & sounds of Thunderbirds air show

Community enjoys Thunderbirds air show from northern Colorado Springs.jpg
Posted at 7:54 PM, May 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-30 17:40:17-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — One of the most exciting parts of the Air Force Academy graduation is the Thunderbirds flyover Falcon Stadium and Northern Colorado Springs.

Hundreds of people were in that part of town for a watch party of the airshow. Many got comfy by bringing their lawn chairs or sitting in the back of their cars or trucks, while others stood to watch the excitement.

Blue skies made for a memorable performance. Meanwhile the roar of the Thunderbirds in the sky marks the beginning of the next chapter for the hundreds of new second lieutenants.

“It makes the hair on my arms stand up to know these people, these cadets are going to serve our country and keep us free,” said Dean Johnson, who watched the show from the Scheels Parking lot. “I was in the Air Force so obviously I love the Thunderbirds. I was in the Air Force for almost six years.”

The air show was filled with pilots performing some of their best maneuvers. Sarah Lazarowitz watched with her six-year-old son Corbin.

“We love them. They're so fun to watch. It's always a great show, and it’s cool to see the pilots do some of their best things,” said Lazarowitz.

No matter how young or old, the sights and sounds of the Thunderbirds iconic flyover is enjoyed by everyone, and it brings the community together.

“The roar of the jet engines just gets you to your core. Seeing the Thunderbirds fly, it was awesome. I would do it again every single year in a heartbeat,” said Alyson Evans. “This whole community is so connected with the military branches and everything. It just feels like family.”

The flyover may even inspire the future graduating class.

“He already said when he grows up (pointing to her son) he wants to join the Air Force too, just like all the cadets and his daddy. So it’s kind of fun getting to watch and see what they do,” said Lazarowitz.

After the graduation, the Thunderbirds tweeted a congratulations message, and the tweet also read, “couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the Thunderbirds 69th birthday.”