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Drivers in Colorado Springs feel car part shortage

Car Parts Shortage
Posted at 6:21 AM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 08:40:46-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — We all know car problems are probably one of the biggest headaches we have to face sometimes. If you've had car problems recently, and had to wait weeks or even months to get a new car part, just know you're not alone.

The problem is only getting worse because there's a major supply chain issue for car and auto parts. Now, customers around the country and locally are having to remain patient to get their cars fixed.

Michael Reece, the manager at Maaco Auto Body Shop in Colorado Springs, says this problem became noticeable about four months after the pandemic hit. However, as supply chain issues have ramped up in recent months, the problem has only gotten worse.

He says some parts are not even getting shipped to the United States right now, while other parts take weeks to come in. It's left a line of cars waiting to be worked on at his shop.

"I probably have between 10 and 15 that are waiting for parts on the premises. And then we have probably 20 to 30 cars that are on the road with known damage that we're not bringing in to get fixed, simply because we can't get the parts," said Reece. "And once we do get a part in, and take the cars apart, we find additional hidden parts that we needed, and cars ended up sitting here for weeks and weeks on end."

Reece mentioned the shortage is seen on all kinds of car parts including, bumpers, head lights, and doors. He mentioned for one part, there's a demand for more than 1,200, and there's none available at all in the country. He also mentioned European cars are tougher to get parts for.

So if you notice any problems with your car, he recommends getting it in the shop as soon as you can, and be patient.

"So at least those parts can get ordered and get get yourself on the list. Most of the body shops are all experiencing the same thing. And we're starting to push things out four to six weeks before we can even take the cars in. So the sooner you get on the list, the quicker you might get your car back," said Reece.

Another issue is that insurance policies have limits on how long you can have a rental car for. Unfortunately, that's left some customers left scrambling to find a ride. But Reece says most customers have been understanding.