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High school football coach arrested mid-game for punching player

The player was seen curling over in pain after being punched in the stomach.
High school football coach arrested mid-game for punching player
Posted at 11:57 AM, Aug 29, 2023

A high school football coach in Atlanta was arrested during a game for punching a player on his team, reports say. 

The incident happened during the first quarter of a game between Benjamin E. Mays High School and Douglas County, when a Mays coach punched a player in the stomach. 

The incident was caught on camera during the live stream of the game, and circulated online. Footage shows the coach yelling at the player on the sidelines before punching him. The player then seems to curl over in pain.

A spokesperson for Atlanta Public Schools identified the coach as Carl Sledge, who does not teach nor hold a teaching certificate, according to Atlanta News First.

"A lay coach for Mays High School, who is not a classroom instructor, is in police custody after an incident that occurred on the sideline during the school's game this afternoon against Douglas County High School," spokesman Seth Coleman told ANF in a statement. 

Coleman said the coach will be charged with simple battery and face administrative charges from the district.

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