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Amazon sells heat-up pants for the person who’s always cold

Amazon sells heat-up pants for the person who’s always cold
Posted at 3:45 PM, Dec 20, 2023

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As colder temperatures set in around the country, it’s time to take stock of your winter gear. A warm coat is a must, but what about the lower half of your body? If you’ve always wished you could keep your legs warm and toasty in even the most brutal winter weather, you need to check out these amazing heated pants available on Amazon.

Perfect for outdoor cold-weather activities like skiing, sledding, having a snowball fight or simply taking the dog for a walk, the pants have three built-in heating panels, which are strategically placed on each knee/thigh and seat. They’re an absolute must for the person who is always cold or those who love spending time outdoors despite the chilly temps.

ActionHeat 5V Base Layer Battery Heated Pants

$160 at Amazon$160 at ActionHeat


The ActionHeat 5v Base Layer Battery Heated Pants are priced at $160 and are available in sizes for both men and women.

“Designed to be worn as a base layer, the ActionHeat electric heated pants make an innovative choice for those who want to stay warm outside without the bulk of heavyweight clothing,” reads the product description.

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The machine-washable pants (in a gentle cycle) are made of a polyester-spandex blend for a comfortable and flexible fit. The battery-operated heating offers three levels of settings: two hours on high (red), three hours on medium (white) and 4.5 hours on low (blue). With the on-board temperature control setting, you can easily adjust to your comfort.

The pants come with an ActionHeat 5V power bank as well as a USB charging kit. The battery is fully charged in six hours, and four LED indicators display battery life and charging status. But the batter isn’t just good for the pants. ActionHeat offers its warming technology in a wide range of products.

ActionHeat 5V Women’s Heated Base Layer Shirt

ActionHeat 5V Women's Heated Base Layer Shirt

$160 at Amazon$160 at ActionHeat

If you’re looking to keep your entire body warm, pair the ActionHeat pants with this long-sleeved base layer shirt. The battery pack works for it as well, and you can even charge your phone with it at the same time (heating will be diminished, though). The best part is that this shirt was created specifically for layering which means it won’t create any bulky weight under your outer layers.

ActionHeat 5V Women’s Heated Long Puffer Jacket With Hood

ActionHeat 5V Women's Heated Long Puffer Jacket W/ Hood

$250 at Amazon$250 at ActionHeat

Live in an extra cold climate? Those base layers might not cut it, so why not throw in a heated parka? If you’ve been on the hunt for the best heated jacket, this one will do. Not only does it feature the same heating technology as the pants and shirt, but it’s stylish! Coming in four different colors and featuring a diagonal puffed pattern and fuzzy hood, it’s the perfect parka for those extra cold winters.

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ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Scarf

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Scarf

$80 at Amazon$80 at Amazon

Maybe you don’t live through frigid temperatures or maybe you do and want to complete your heated ensemble. Either way, this heated scarf can work for everyone. Like ActionHeat’s other offerings, it’s powered by the 5V battery pack and provides heat via strategically placed heating panels. What makes this a great choice for everyone, though, is that those in cold climates can combine it with other heated items and those in warmer areas can bring it out for just a touch of extra heat during those few chilly days.

Whether you’re just always cold or tend to spend time outdoors in winter, these heated jackets, base layers, and accessories can help beat the chill.

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