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Frownies Facial Patches Are An Affordable Alternative To Botox—In A Sticker

Frownies Facial Patches Are An Affordable Alternative To Botox—In A Sticker
Posted at 11:50 AM, Jul 27, 2022

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Figuring out our skincare needs throughout life can feel never-ending. Right as we start to come into our own as adults and rid ourselves of adolescent skin issues and insecurities, we’re struck with worrying about wrinkles. There’s only so much of a dent we can make as we slather on creams, scrub with exfoliants and sleep on silk pillowcases to avoid forming additional creases — all while covering the healthy lifestyle skincare basics such as drinking enough water, moisturizing and eating well.

If you are trying to keep your skincare “clean” and the thought of a needle going into your face makes you cringe, you might feel downright out of luck. But it turns out that you’re not! Did you know you can smooth forehead and between the eyes lines while you sleep … by popping a sticker on your face?

Frownies Facial Patches are designed to be worn overnight for 6-8 hours, or for 3 hours or more before an event such as a wedding. With more than 23,000 global ratings garnering a 3.8-star average, more than a few users swear by them.

Frownies Facial Patches

Frownies Facial Patches Box

Designed to allow the skin to still breathe during use, Frownies are meant to tighten and plump facial muscles while stimulating collagen creation and repair. The patches, which are part unbleached craft paper, have one side that’s been coated in an adhesive that requires liquid, typically water, to activate. They work by acting as a cast for the facial muscles — holding them flat and smooth. This prevents expressions that cause wrinkles, helps release tension and lifts those pesky deep expression lines, especially the ones right between the brows known as eleven lines.

You can also use them across the entire forehead to smooth the skin and to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles that appear from aging, sun damage and repetitive facial movement, like furrowing the brows or squinting. While they won’t completely erase your wrinkles, fans say they smooth existing wrinkles and help prevent them from getting deeper.

To use, you wet the adhesive side of the skin and rub it with your finger to activate it. Then place the patch over your target area and pat to stick.

woman using Frownies patches

On Amazon, nearly half of reviewers have given Frownies a 5-star rating, including Jessicka B.,who refers to them as “basically botox.”

“These work so well it’s kind of creepy,” she wrote. “I am 30 and had pretty deep frown lines – the 11 between my eyes, but not a lot of other wrinkles. I started wearing these overnight between my eyes and poof they are gone in the morning. I guess I was frowning in my sleep without knowing it? Whatever the reason, it looks like I got Botox. I am impressed- they have earned a lifetime customer.”

Emily D. said she believes Frownies smoothed her wrinkles.

“These. Work,” she wrote. “It seems ridiculous that a sticky piece of Kraft paper helps smooth your wrinkles but somehow, the magic is there. I’m hesitant to get Botox, because of the price and because I am so expressive. So I thought I’d try these before I caved. I’m 31 and have extreme forehead movement/wrinkles already. (When I used them correctly) I saw results immediately. I thought I was insane until my 61-yr old mother asked what I was doing because my forehead looked smoother.”

Frownies Facial Patches Box

Frownies have been used for women 130+ years. The company claims its patches are safe, hypo-allergenic and tested under the control of a dermatologist. However, if you’ve just gone through microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, it’s best to wait until your skin is fully healed before using as it might cause too much sensitivity.

You can find a box of 144 patches on Amazon for $22.95. While they do come perforated, you tear them off according to the desired patch size you’d like to use for the night.

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