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Elon Musk to remove block feature on X

Musk suggests using the mute feature instead.
Elon Musk to remove block feature on X
Posted at 11:36 AM, Aug 18, 2023

You just never know what will happen in the ever-changing world of X, formerly known as Twitter.

The latest change to the social media platform announced by its owner Elon Musk Friday: Users will no longer be able to block other accounts.

Musk said on the platform that "it makes no sense." Block will be deleted as a feature except for direct messages.

Blocking is a tool to restrict who interacts with you on the account. It prevents certain people from seeing your content or following you. It also prevents trolls from accessing information.

Instead of using block, Musk suggested to X users to try the mute feature instead to tune out certain messages.

Reaction to this latest move has been swift. @David_Leavitt took to the platform to say, "Imagine not being able to understand why you'd want to block someone."

@AhmedBaba said on X, "Elon Musk is going to unleash an avalanche of harassment."  

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