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Drivers forced to wait months for automotive recall repairs

One man was told to park his Genesis outside of his garage due to fire risk.
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Posted at 5:39 AM, Jun 17, 2024

Kia is the latest car manufacturer to issue a warning to some drivers to park outside due to an increased fire risk. The recall notice involves certain 2000 through 2024 Telluride models. But as is the case with many recalls these days, it's sometimes unclear how long owners will have to wait for a fix.

It used to be that if your car was recalled, you could have it taken care of in a few weeks. But lately, more and more drivers are finding themselves stuck with unrepaired cars for months, even a year or longer.

Bill Frederick has a lot of extra space in his garage because he received a letter telling him not to park his 2017 Genesis inside anymore.

"I cannot park it in the garage," he said.

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It's more than a minor recall, as the notice specifically says his car is a fire risk and should only be parked outdoors.

"They say it is still safe to drive, but don't park it in your garage," he said.

But his dealer says it doesn't have the parts to fix it on-hand.

"First they told me it would be a month or two, but then it became two months, three months, four months," he said, "and they keep on pushing the date back."

Parts shortages lead to long waits

Karl Brauer with the online platform iSee Cars says how quickly a car is repaired comes down to the availability of parts.

"You may be aware of the recall months before you can get it addressed because there aren't enough components to go around," Brauer said.

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By law, recalls have to be announced as soon as a safety defect is confirmed, which could be before the manufacturer even has a solution.

According to Consumer Reports, the best guidance after a recall is to get the car fixed as soon as possible.

If you can't:

  • Check with other dealerships to see if they can get your vehicle in sooner
  • Try contacting a local dealership or the manufacturer for a loaner car; that doesn't always work, but Consumer Reports says it's worth a try
  • In extreme cases, a dealership or manufacturer may repurchase the vehicle, a practice that differs from state to state

In most cases, the short-term solution is paying attention to recall notices, and practicing patience.
"It's not reassuring, if you will," Frederick said.

A spokesperson for Hyundai, the parent company of Genesis, told us they will see if Frederick's repair can be expedited.

However, that doesn't help everyone else waiting months on a repair. As always, don't waste your money.


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