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Does Apple's iPhone 15 series have an overheating problem?

Some users say their phones have become too hot to even touch. Experts weigh in on the matter.
Does Apple's iPhone 15 series have an overheating problem?
Posted at 11:20 AM, Sep 27, 2023

Orders have been pouring in since preorder day for Apple's new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series. And while the phones, which dropped on Sept. 22, are certainly coming in hot — that may be in more ways than one. 

Customers who bought the new iPhones are reporting overheating issues. 

"I just got the iPhone 15 Pro today and it's so hot I can't even hold it for very long! Hope they resolve this," said a commenter on an Apple discussion board. 

"I got the iPhone 15 Pro as well and it's overheating when I'm on a phone call for like 8-10 minutes," wrote another. 

Others on social media and Reddit shared similar sentiments.

But there may not be cause for alarm just yet. Tech experts warn that the way a phone operates in its first days may not be indicative of its long-term performance. 

When customers take their new phones out of the box, they are usually transferring over tons of information from a previous phone, potentially causing phones to be hotter than normal. 

It is suspected that most people experiencing hot phones are dealing with this as their new devices work in the background to restore hundreds to thousands of pictures, apps, contacts and more. The phones should become less hot after this initial period. 

Nonetheless, complaints of overheating seem to be happening more than normal. Should it become clear that the iPhone 15 does have system-wide overheating issues, Apple will more than likely release an update. While the issue should be temporary one way or another, Apple does offer a 14-day return policy if you're unhappy with your phone. 

If you're experiencing overheating, there are some things you can try to resolve the issue, according to experts at ZDNet.

Ways to stop your iPhone from overheating

- Enable auto-brightness 

- Close all your apps 

- Restart your iPhone 

- Switch to an official Apple charger 

- Turn on airplane mode 

- Turn off background refresh 

- Update your iPhone 

- Try low power mode 

- Store in cool places 

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