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This ‘Beer Spa’ Lets You Drink A Brew As You Soak In Barley And Hops

This ‘Beer Spa’ Lets You Drink A Brew As You Soak In Barley And Hops
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jun 03, 2022

While you won’t be getting a mani-pedi at The Beer Spa, as you would at a traditional spa, you will get to experience unique beer-infused treatments while holding a frosty one in hand (or wine, cider or kombucha). Rather, at this unique self-care spot in Denver, you can soak in a cedar beer bath hydrotherapy tub that utilizes malt and hops.

OK, so that may sound a little strange but did you know bathing in beer is actually good for you? The hops and malted barley offer medicinal properties; hops are a natural sedative with anti-aging properties and barley sports antioxidants, like vitamin B2 and B3, that nourish hair, skin and nails.

People In Tub The Beer Spa
Annie Dent / Courtesy of The Beer Spa

This family-owned business claims its marriage of herbalism and hydrotherapy features powerful wellness elements that promote relaxation, stimulate metabolic rate and digestion, cleanse skin, boost circulation, alleviate body pain and coat hair with a natural shine.

What To Expect at The Beer Spa

You get a tumbler and a wristband card upon arrival that will allow you to dispense your drink of choice. Beverages in The Beer Spa’s taproom rotate monthly from local breweries.

When your private room is ready, you’ll change into your swimsuit or take your dip au naturel. The cedar tubs are filled with hot water and contain what the company calls a “tea bag of sorts,” filled with a blend concocted by its master herbalists.

Tubs automatically drain after 70 minutes, eliminating the need to watch a clock. Baths are unfermented and don’t include any yeast. They’re also insulated in an easily cleanable material so they can be sanitized. Surprisingly, you don’t leave smelling like beer at all when your soak is over.

Tub sessions start at $159 as of publication time but prices are set to increase by $20 on July 1.

Taproom at The Beer Spa
Annie Dent / Courtesy of The Beer Spa

To make the most out of your wellness visit, The Beer Spa recommends participating in activities in the following order:

  1. Sweat and detox in your personal, in-room sauna.
  2. Rinse off with a cold shower, also available in your private room.
  3. Soak in the tub while you sip your beverage.
  4. Repeat, then shower again when finished.

You can add to your bliss by booking additional time in one of its zero-gravity massage chairs. There’s also an in-room cosmetic minibar that was thoughtfully designed to enhance your beer-wellness experience. Those are three words we never expected to put together.

The Beer Spa Owners Damien Jessica
Annie Dent / Courtesy of The Beer Spa

The company was founded by a husband and wife duo (shown above) who traveled through Europe, Asia and more, hitting 25 countries in 14 months, testing out as many quirky, one-of-kind experiences they could find for a concept to bring back to the United States. They say inspiration struck when they came across a beer spa in Zakopane, Poland, and liked how the experience incorporated wellness, craft beer and bringing people together.

Does soaking in a tub of beer sound like your idea of a pampering? Look them up if you’re in the area.

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