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Crochet Cat Paw Chair ‘socks’ Have Us Purring With Delight

Crochet Cat Paw Chair ‘socks’ Have Us Purring With Delight
Posted at 2:45 PM, Jul 27, 2020

If you’re crafty and love cats (or know someone who does), then we have found the purrfect project for you! Cat paws may have a reputation for scratching up furniture, but someone decided to change that association by designing a set of crocheted cat paws that cover your chair legs like socks!

This isn’t the first time we’ve come across a must-have crochet pattern inspired by kitties. Do you remember the cushy crochet cat couch? While that project was about keeping your favorite pet comfy, this one is about keeping your stuff looking its best. These crochet cat paw chair socks are meant to protect your floors and add some feline flair to your home.

With these socks on, your chairs will slide across the floor as fast and as smooth as your cat can move.

It might be hard to believe, but we found a number of patterns online to make these adorable chair socks yourself. One pattern we found at Etsy, from CranbrookCrochet, looks like a great project for a new crocheter for only $3.98 for the downloadable pattern. Here’s what the finished product should look like, depending on which colors you choose, of course:

Etsy / Cranbrook Crochet

“Quick and easy, this pattern is a perfect weekend project for anyone who can crochet chains, single crochet and single crochet two together stitches,” according to the pattern’s description at Etsy.

The chain and single crochet stitches are the foundation of almost every crochet project, so this pattern really helps with learning the fundamentals! Plus, it’s ideal because it only takes a short time to create.

Another chair sock crochet pattern we found comes from RepeatCrafterMe. Pattern designer Sarah actually outlines the entire process for crocheters through detailed written instructions and an accompanying video! And, it’s free!

You will only need three items for the RepeatCrafterMe project: a crochet needle, yarn and a tapestry needle. The pattern recommends three colors (one for the leg, white for the paw and black for the cute little cat toes.) So, if you have some scraps of yarn hanging around that the cat hasn’t managed to get to, yet, then maybe you can stitch these up over the weekend!

You can see what these end up looking like in this tweet from the blog:

If crocheting isn’t your thing, you could also just buy some cat paw chair socks! We found some adorable ones on Etsy from seller JCKnitsCrafts that come in a variety of cute color combinations and have a tiny pink felt bad on the bottom for extra protection. You’ll pick one main color and a secondary one for the stripes. A set of four socks costs $6.50.

Etsy | JCKnitsCrafts

Not only will these protect your floors, but they’ll also start conversations!

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