Ski, snowboarding shops thriving during pandemic

Ski, snowboarding shops thriving during pandemic
Posted at 5:50 PM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 19:50:50-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — As some businesses are struggling to survive during the pandemic, others have been fortunate and saw more business, including outdoor equipment stores in Colorado Springs.

Shane Leva, the general manager at Mountain Chalet, says the pandemic isn't stopping people from hitting the slopes this season. In fact, more people are wanting to spend their time outdoors either at ski resorts or back country, therefore buying new gear and equipment at the shop. He also mentioned because of COVID restrictions, more people are turning toward back country too.

"People don't want to go to the resort and they want to get into backcountry. That does require they get a whole new set of gear. They need a beacon, probe, a shovel at bare minimum," said Leva.
While business has been steady, he also mentioned inventory has been a challenge because of the pandemic.

"COVID has impacted supply chains across the globe, so it's been hard to get some stuff. For example, we sold out of cross country gear very early this year. I would usually be selling it atleast through March, and I was sold out January 1st," said Leva.

Business at The Ski Shop in Colorado Springs has also been steady this season.

"It's very apparent that the Colorado skiers want to get out and ski," said Rick Uhl, the owner. "This last weekend we got quite a bit of snow in the mountains, and it's busy both here and up at the resorts, so it's been kind of nice."

Uhl says inventory hasn't been an issue at his shop, but he is seeing a younger customer base during the pandemic.

"They can travel from anywhere and work from anywhere, so they can come to Colorado and they're working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and then they're skiing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," said Uhl.

As more people are picking up snowboarding and skiing as a hobby, avalanche awareness and beacon safety classes are also getting full at Mountain Chalet. The shop offers a number of classes, but the number of people are limited because of COVID restrictions. For more information about some of the classes offered