Pueblo man spreading holiday cheer, giving bikes to kids

Posted at 6:13 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 20:13:32-05

PUEBLO, Colorado — Neighbors are helping neighbors this holiday season. A Pueblo man is hoping to spread some holiday cheer on two wheels, by giving dozens of bikes to kids in the community.

Five years ago, Robert Jara wanted to give back by buying and collecting bikes to give to children for Christmas. In the first year, he gave 10 bikes away, and this year, he'll be giving away nearly 60.

"We try to help out the kids that need bikes, and the families that are going through hard times," said Jara. "I have a soft spot for kids, and I just want everybody to have a good Christmas."

Jara began the effort because he recognized there's a need in the area, and not everyone can afford to buy presents for their children for Christmas.

Last year, Shellie Hernandez' 7-year-old grandaugher received a bike on Christmas Day from Jara.

"We have struggled for a few years and there are so many families that can't afford to buy little luxaries like bicycles," said Hernandez." But she woke up Christmas morning to her bike and she cried."

In the past, Jara has helped about 150 Pueblo families, which neighbors said is a small price in paying it forward.

"A bike to a child is a huge, huge thing. So we were just grateful to be blessed by him last year," said Hernandez.

"I'm just doing it for the kids and letting them know there's hope in life, and people are still thinking about them and caring about them," said Jara.

Jara is hoping to provide Christmas miracles to the kids in town for as long as he can. Other businesses, like 719 Dispensary, have also stepped up to help in the effort to giving bikes to kids in the community.

The bikes are given to children on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.