Meet the Pueblo Police Department's new emotional support dog, Ami

Posted at 1:24 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 23:59:13-04

PUEBLO — The newest member of the Pueblo Police Department is a fun furry friend.

The Pueblo Police Department introduced Ami (awe-me), the department's new emotional support dog on Monday. Ami is a black standard poodle whose name is the French word for "friend." According to the press release, Ami will serve both the members of the police department and people in the community by providing emotional support to anyone in need.

"I think it is going to change everybody's world here, even on good days. They have already started to come into the office just to see him, I have a bunch of visitors come in for him every day and you can tell when they come in they just smile, they hold him," said Megan Chapman, a PPD Crime Prevention Officer and now Ami's handler.

"He is here to bring everyone comfort and happiness during good times and bad," the press release from the department reads before explaining the meaning behind Ami's name. "Considering poodles derive from France, we thought a French name was fitting. ... In addition, one of the 5 flags of Pueblo is the French flag."

Ami was bred by Fuzzybottoms Poodles n Bernadoodles and is being trained by the Southern Colorado Kennel Club. He also received a nice haircut for his first day of work from A Mutt Makeover while Quality Pet Food Warehouse provided him with food.

"I was super excited you know and I actually had a litter of puppies that I was taking to the vet and so the puppies are all like AH! Ya know, and then just telling here that I would be so honored to donate a puppy to your cause," said Krysta Boe, Ami's breeder.

The Pueblo Police Department will keep the community updated on Ami's adventures as he adjusts to be part of the police department's team.