Local native, indigenous communities come together for Four Directions march

Posted at 7:58 PM, Oct 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 09:09:24-04

PUEBLO — Sunday was a day of celebration and unity for the native and indigenous communities in Pueblo. The Four Directions march and rally happened morning with four groups marching to the Christopher Columbus statue on Abriendo Ave. from different parts of town.

Native communities were wearing black, red, yellow, and white and they marched from the north, the east, the south and the west. As part of the celebration, they sang, danced and gave speeches.

It's the second year in a row that the march happened. It's also the second year that Cabrini Day will be recognized on Monday instead of Columbus Day.

"We made it this far, we ended the holiday, it took a lifetime of work maybe for some of us, 29 years," said Tziavii Stevens, the event organizer. ""We all have a connection and we're practically family, so this is where we can celebrate that connection. What I felt, just the energy. Let's share this bond, and realize that we have a strong connection."

While Columbus Day is no longer celebrated in Colorado, this year's march focused on highlighting the struggles native communities still face like missing indegenous women and children.

Tor Tomas Martinez Ortega, the march was also a protest to take the Christopher Columbus statue down, one of the few left standing in the country.

"We are also still protesting that and take that down legally and show the community that we're still around," said Martinez Ortega, who participated in the march.

An annual celebration led by the Pueblo Sons of Italy is happening on Monday morning at the Columbus statue. Those who marched today said they will not be protesting at tomorrow's celebration.