Local contestant takes on The Voice

Posted at 6:07 PM, Nov 05, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — Fans of the NBC TV show 'The Voice' may recognize a contestant this season. Lain Roy, from Larkspur, is a graduate of Palmer Ridge High School, and he captivated a national audience and the show's judges this week.

"Growing up and everything, and watching 'The Voice', I always said, 'I'm going to be on that stage someday,' said Lain.

Five years ago, he performed a John Legend song at his high school's talent show. He won the talent show, and things came full circle for Lain when Legend was one of the first judge's to turn around during his audition.

Music is something Lain has always had a passion for. The 22-year-old began singing at the young age of four and played the clarinet and saxophone in middle and high school. He was mostly inspired by his mother who was a touring musician.

"She was on a different show called 'You can be a star' which is like the older version of 'The Voice.' So I'm kind of following her footsteps."

Lain says he didn't know he wanted to pursue music until his high school talent show. Fast forward five years later, and he says his audition on the big stage, was a dream come true.

"I went into it just hoping that if one of them (the judges) turned around, it'd be awesome, then I could be on the show and whatever happens, happens," said Lain. "Basically I was giving it all to God and I'm very thankful."

His parents back home in Larkspur were emotional as he put his own spin on Lewis Capaldi's hit song, 'Someone you loved.'

Less than two seconds into his blind audition, and John Legend and Gwen Stefani both turned their chairs around, hoping to be Lain's coach.

"I got them to turn around after the very first line which was terrifying," said Lain. "I'd really hope they'd turn around later on in the bridge or on the high note. I just blacked out, and I don't even remember too much of the audition after that."

After his performance, he was left with a tough decision, and ultimately chose to work with Gwen.

"Gwen was saying she has no one on her team like me, and to just give her a chance," said Lain. "I just had this gut feeling, which I knew from God, to just go with her. I'm just so excited to work with her and just learn already so much from her."

Lain attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, then moved to NasHville to attend Belmont University. He just graduated and says he's excited to pursue his music career full-time.
Lain says next up on 'The Voice' is the round called the battles, which will be airing within the next two weeks.