"Lasagna Love": Local volunteers serving up comfort food and positivity

Lasagna Love
Posted at 7:21 PM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 13:27:55-04

SOUTHERN COLORADO — Some local volunteers are serving up comfort food and positivity to people in need in the Pueblo and El Paso County communities. It's part of a nation-wide grassroots effort called "Lasagna Love," which kicked off in the beginning of the pandemic.

Members of the community volunteer their time, by buying fresh ingredients, and making home-made lasagnas every week. They deliver the meals to families in the community, who may be going through a hard time or facing food insecurity during the pandemic.

There are more than 40 lasagna chefs across Southern Colorado, including eight in Pueblo and 35 in Colorado Springs. Among them are Joan and Jeremy Chun in Pueblo, who spend their Sunday evenings baking the meals.

"The recipe is going to remain secret, but there's lots of garlic, lots of basil, lots of Italian, and the secret, a little bit of love," said Jeremy.

"The Lasagna Love mission really spoke to me. It's about building community and spreading kindness," said Joan. "With all that's going on around the world right now, I thought it was really important to give back in this way."

The two are paying it forward by delivering the meals to local families in need every month. These small acts of kindness are making a large impact in the Pueblo Community.

"We get 'thank you' notes, texts back, saying they loved the lasagna and they really appreciate it, so that warms my heart," said Joan. "We really appreciate the 'thank you's.'"

The Chun's are among the 20,000 volunteers across the country, who altogether, make nearly 4,000 meals weekly.

"We deliver to all kinds of people, whether it be people living in hotels, people in apartments or people in homes," said Jeremy.

Since the nonprofit started, lasagna chefs have prepared nearly 45,000 lasagnas in all 50 states.

"It makes the community stronger, and it allows us to bond together." said Jeremy. "I think anytime you can give back to the community, whether it be a time of importance like the pandemic, or a time of unemployment, it's always helpful."

Volunteers who want to make lasagnas can sign up on the website,

There's a need here in the Pueblo and El Paso County communities, and they're always looking for more volunteers.

On the website, you can also request a lasagna for you and your family.