How you can spread holiday cheer to military families

Posted at 6:46 PM, Nov 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-18 20:46:35-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — The season of giving is near and it's not too late to get involved and give back to our military community during the holidays. Soldiers' Angels is a national charity that provides help to active duty military members and veterans, but there's a holiday program called "Adopt a Family," where a family can sign up to spread some holiday cheer.

Families in Colorado Springs have signed up for the program because they realize a small cost during the holidays from one family can make a big impact for another.

"A complete stranger helped our family, they gave my kids happiness and they showed their kindness in our time of need was so special in our time of need," said McKenna Robalino, "It was so special and magical for us"

Robalino and her family were adopted through the Soldiers' Angels Holiday Program in 2018. This year, their act of kindness is returning the favor and adopting a family of their own.

"We felt that it was our turn to give back to somebody else and we've been so fortunate throughout the years getting help from others," said Robalino.

They're called soldiers' angels for a reason. The Robalino family will provide another family with funds for a holiday meal, and they'll also buy presents for the kids in the family they chose to adopt.

"You email them and figure out what things they need and what toys their children want," said Robalino. "We were able to take our own kids to the store and they got to pick out gifts that this family wanted and needed."

The Robalino family will be sending their gifts through the mail in a couple weeks.

Meanwhile, in a year where getting in the holiday spirit may have been a little challenging, Nakia Madison, an air force veteran, and her four children are thankful for the season's greetings from Soldiers' Angels.

"The year has been hard for everybody," said Madison. "I've never really had to seek services before, but this year's been kind of tough, especially with everything going on
and the kids being at home and not being around friends. It's just different for them."

However soon, they'll have wrapped presents under the tree and a sense of normalcy for the holidays. While one day, they hope to return the favor to others in need.

"I just want to thank the adopting family because they are providing a service and it is so appreciated. Whether you know it or not, Christmas is something the children may not have experienced without the help," said Madison. "Once I'm able and in that position, I will definitely seek a family out who adopts another. You know, you keep giving when you can."

By the way, families participating in the program choose who they'd like to adopt.

"The family that we chose, one of the parents is deployed, and they have two children so this family is so humbled and so kind. They have been through so much this year," said Robalino. "And to be able to give back to a family with my own children is such an incredible experience."

Last year, the Soldiers' Angels program helped nearly $1,000 families and provided gifts for nearly 2,500 kids across the country.
For more information about the program, click here.