WATCH: Weather balloon soars through the stratosphere and travels over 100 miles across Colorado

High altitude balloon watch over Colorado
Posted at 9:50 AM, Nov 14, 2019

Ever wonder what a weather balloon sees as it climbs through the sky? Check out the video above taken by Artistsent on the Hope & Ignition Youtube channel!

Launched in Roxbourough State Park and landing just south of Hugo, footage captured by a GoPro camera shows that balloon's journey as it climbs to a maximum altitude of 100,299 feet!

Artistsent, who recorded and shared the video, also built a custom 3D printed space X grid fins to stabilize the craft in flight.

Here is a map of the balloon's path as it traveled for 2.5 hours and around 100 miles to the southeast.

This path makes sense if you look at the winds up higher in the atmosphere!

Upper level Jet Stream Winds
The Jet Stream wind vectors, meaning speed and direction, on November 9th early in the morning.

As the balloon traveled vertically through the atmosphere, it was pushed east and southeast by upper level winds, including the jet stream. The fact that the jet stream winds were so light, roughly around 35 mph on that day, probably factors into why the balloon was able to climb so high into the stratosphere to an altitude of 100,299 feet.