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"Chalk it Up" campaign bringing color to southeast Colorado Springs

"Chalk it Up" campaign bringing color to Southeast Colorado Springs
Posted at 4:59 PM, Jun 18, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — An effort to bring some colorful artwork to a local community kicked off today. It's for the "Chalk it Up" campaign happening in southeast Colorado Springs.

The effort is all about bringing the community together. At noon on Friday, the campaign kicked off at the Southeast Armed Services YMCA, one of four designated art areas which are part of the campaign.

A couple dozen young chalk artists had some fun in the sun and created fun, colorful, bright artwork on the sidewalks outside of the organization.

Daren Gerling, the organization's executive director, said the campaign is an opportunity for kids and families, "to come together and really showcase not only the pride of our community, but also some of the diversity that we have, and get kids out and active."

"Basically, you chalk it up around your building, around your house, and you chalk everrything on the sidewalks and the roads," said Olivia Ravenscroft, a 6-year-old who was among the few dozen chalk artists who came out today. "I'm excited that I can be me, and draw whatever I want and just have fun."

Chalk artwork can also be created on private property and city sidewalks in the area. Artists are encouraged to include hashtags in their artwork such as #SouthEastProud,
#ManyVoicesOneCommunity, and #CommunityMatters.

Artists can also work alone or in teams, but the biggest team of them all is the Southeast community.

"We're strong, we're resilient, and more than anything, we're a community here," said Girling. "The YMCA is all about community, and our cause is to strengthen the foundation of his community."

The campaign is a two-week campaign that will run through July 2. Anyone participating can submit their artwork for judging to the Southeast Express News. Email a picture of your artwork to