Cañon City officer recognized for saving baby boy

Cañon City Police Officer saves baby boy
Posted at 7:31 PM, Feb 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 21:31:56-05

CANON CITY — After a terrifying night, a local family is thanking the quick actions of a Cañon City Police Officer, for saving their baby's life. Last week, the officer was recognized by the Police Chief and City Mayor.

On the evening of November 10, Chase Frost found his son Grayson unresponsive with troubles breathing.

"I went to go check on him and he was making a weird gulp sound," said Frost. "I was completely distraught. The look in his eyes, I'll never forget that. Nobody prepares you for that as a parent."

Frost, a single father desperately called 9-1-1, hoping his baby could get medical attention as soon as possible. A few minutes later, K9 officer Austen Philips arrived at the home.

"I could tell he was blue. He wasn't the right color. He wasn't breathing and he was having some seizures," said Philips. "I started two finger chest compressions on him, flipped him over, and he spit up what he was choking on. We just continued to make sure he stayed breathing until paramedics arrived."

Philips, who has been with the police department for a year and a half, says it was his first time administering CPR on a child, which saved the baby's life.

"It was a terrifying situation, but thankfully the training that we do get just kicked in," said Philips.

Grayson eventually began breathing again. He was transported to St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City, then flown to Children's Hospital Colorado Springs. Doctors determined Grayson had more than 30 seizures which were caused by a fever and he choked on his saliva.

Frost says now, 19-month-old Grayson is healthy and is doing "absolutely wonderful. Absolutely wonderful." The father mentioned he's if it wasn't for Philips actions, things could've taken a turn for the worst. "For someone to take charge, is amazing. Without him being there, I wouldn't have my son. He saved his life. He's our personal hero."

Last week, Philips received a 'Life Saving Award,' and recognition from Cañon City Police Chief John Schick and City Mayor Ashley Smith.

Officer Philips stayed with the family until Grayson was flown to Children's Hospital Colorado Springs.

"It makes me a little emotional thinking about it but its great to see him, but it's great to see him and I'm glad he's doing okay. There's a connection there, a bond that is never going to go away," said Philps.