A look at the widespread damage in Colorado Springs after Wednesday's wind storm

A look at the widespread damage in Colorado Springs after Wednesday's wind storm
Posted at 6:32 PM, Dec 15, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Strong and dangerous winds swept through Southern Colorado on Wednesday, causing damage all across the Front Range.

This morning, however, was the calm before the wind storm as kids were catching the bus and heading to school.

"Typical Colorado. I'm not particularly worried about it. It'll get windy later," said Jeff Kemp, who was dropping his son off at the bus stop so he could go to middle school.

Some districts continued with in-person learning while others learned online today.

"Ultimately they're your children so if you're concerned you keep them home or make different arrangements. The school will understand that," said Kemp.

Not long after, winds began picking up and knocking down Christmas decorations over. Many semi trucks were pulled over on I-25 to stay safe and at least six overturned on the highway.

At Garden of the Gods, the strong winds didn't stop visitors from taking photos.

"We are exploring the garden of the gods but the wind isn't letting us explore how we wanted to," said Catherine Padilla, who was visiting from Chicago, also known as the Windy City. "I didn't know Colorado was this windy. I thought we were the windiest, the windy city, but turns out Colorado is."

There were also structure fires across the city that first responders were working on. At one point, 30,000 customers were without power.

Some of the school districts who did send kids to school, including D20 and D49 have said they're not operating buses on Wednesday afternoon. Scheduled events, competitions and other evening activities will still be held.