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Your game-day guests will love this sweet-and-spicy bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer

Your Game-Day Guests Will Love This Sweet-And-Spicy Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer
Posted at 9:45 AM, Jan 28, 2020

As the Super Bowl quickly approaches, we know a top priority for your festivities is pulling together the perfect food spread. The best recipes not only taste amazing but also shouldn’t take the host hours to prepare. After all, who wants to work all day in the kitchen leading up to the party or, even worse, be preparing the food while the big game is on? Forget that!

We found a recipe for a bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer that looks so delicious that it’s hard to believe it takes only 30 minutes to prepare.

This recipe for an easy bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer from The Cookie Rookie brings together sweet, spicy and savory flavors into one perfect bite. Plus, everyone knows that bacon just makes everything better!

The Cookie Rookie

To make this recipe, you’ll need shrimp, thick-cut bacon, salted butter, brown sugar and chipotle powder. Easy!

The most important step in the full recipe is to thoroughly clean, peel and devein the shrimp. From there, the rest of the preparation is simple. Each piece of shrimp gets wrapped in a slice of that thick-cut bacon and skewered with a toothpick to keep it all in place. The rest of the ingredients combine to create a mouthwatering glaze to brush onto the bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Once the shrimp are wrapped and slathered with that amazing butter, they go into the oven for 15 minutes to bake before they get another glaze, then a quick trip to the broiler. The result? A caramelized, buttery, savory bite your guests will crave.

In fact, we think the hardest part of this recipe is making enough to keep up with your game day party guests because they’ll be piling these on their plates! Though you could also distract them with some other tasty appetizers, like jalapeno popper egg rolls or chicken wonton tacos.

Happy eating!

How To Watch The Super Bowl Without Cable

Super Bowl LVI will air on NBC on Feb. 13. If you don’t have cable, you can still tune into the Super Bowl. You can stream it on Peacock or the NBC Sports app, for example. But if you want to avoid subscription fees, the original way to watch the Super Bowl remains the most cost-effective and reliable: install an over-the-air digital antenna. Since the game always airs on either CBS, Fox or NBC — three of the major over-the-air broadcast networks — it’s totally free for anyone with a TV and antenna to watch on their local affiliate.

If you’ve already got your over-the-air antenna set up and your local NBC affiliate is already scanned into your channel lineup, simply flip to that station on the day of the game and enjoy the coverage from start to finish, fee-free, including NBC’s pre- and post-game shows, all the commercials and the halftime show.

If you don’t have an over-the-air antenna, check out this guide on finding the best one for your needs, then install it and run a scan for channels on your TV. Your local NBC affiliate should be among the ones you receive and that’s where you’ll want to flip on game day.

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