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Apple's iOS 17 is out. Here are the new privacy and safety features

One of the features in the newest operating system from Apple tells your friends when you've made it home safely.
Apple's iOS 17 is out. Here are the new privacy and safety features
Posted at 11:09 AM, Sep 18, 2023

Apple released the new iOS 17 operating system Monday, which contains new security and safety features.

The new operating system was announced earlier this summer.

Earlier this month, Apple's security was facing scrutiny after the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab discovered a security flaw. Apple urged certain iPhone and iPad users to immediately update their devices.

The new operating system will support Lockdown Mode on more devices, which will have increased security to help protect against sophisticated cyberattacks. This feature will now also work for Apple Watch users. iPhones in the new Lockdown Mode will block automatically joining non-secure Wi-Fi networks. It will also automatically remove geolocation data from photos when sharing photos with others.

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Here are some of the other new security updates.

Safari now supports multiple profiles so you can separate browsers for topics like work and personal. This will keep history, jobs, cookies and other data separate.

iOS 17 also keeps your private tabs more private, by locking private browsing windows when you’re not using them, and blocking trackers from loading pages. The Safari browser will now strip tracking information from web addresses that can be used to identify you and your device.

New communication safety features include protection for sensitive videos and photos. This extends beyond the Messages app to include content from AirDrop, FaceTime and third-party apps.

There are also two new added features: Check In and Live Transcription. Check In lets iPhone users share their location with friends so they can monitor your real-time location and see when you arrive safely. It will also alert the friend if something seems wrong. Apple said this feature is end-to-end encrypted.

Live Transcription will allow you to send a call to voicemail and see a live transcript of the message, which will help users determine scam calls.

The software update also includes easier sharing with AirDrop, updates to communications apps like video message capabilities with FaceTime, and new experiences with Journal and StandBy.

The new iOS is available on second-generation and later iPhone SE, iPhone XR and newer. You can check your phone's availability in the Settings app.

More information on the new operating system can be found on Apple's iOS17 page.

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