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Concerns about people potentially trapped in Bronx building collapse

The majority of the building is still standing, but the building’s corner is completely exposed from the roof down, with floors sagging.
6-story Bronx apartment building partially collapses
Posted at 3:28 PM, Dec 11, 2023

A six-story apartment building in the Bronx partially collapsed on Monday, but officials said late in the day that no injuries were reported due to the rubble.

The New York City Fire Department received a call at approximately 3:38 p.m. reporting the collapse of a corner of an apartment building near the University Heights neighborhood.

Despite the FDNY's swift response — reaching the scene in under two minutes and evacuating everyone promptly — there are still worries about potential individuals trapped.

"We hope and pray that everyone escaped but until we know for certain, our FDNY members will continue their search," said Fire Commissioner of the City of New York Laura Kavanagh.

Although there were no direct injuries from the falling rubble, two people were injured during the evacuation. 

From images shared by the FDNY, you can see the majority of the building is still standing but the building’s corner is completely exposed from the roof down, with floors sagging, and a pile of rubble in the street.

“Our main objective is to get to the bottom of that pile,” Fire Department Chief of Department John Hodgens said at a press briefing. “We'll be here until it’s down to the street level, just to make sure if there are any victims under there, hopefully we can get to them in time."

Officials are still investigating what cause the incident, but the Associated Press reports that the building is from 1927 and was in the process of getting its facade fixed. 

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