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Adorable ‘4 Seasons’ Salt, Pepper And Seasonings Set Is Just $14.99

Adorable ‘4 Seasons’ Salt, Pepper And Seasonings Set Is Just $14.99
Posted at 2:15 PM, Apr 21, 2020

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Salt and pepper shakers are a customary staple on most of our dining tables, although in other cultures, seasonings like crushed red pepper, fish sauce, and chaat masala also have a starring role at the table.

That’s why these clever “four season” seasoning shakers are such a perfect addition to your dinnertime routine. Not only are they wittily designed to mimic the four seasons (a budding tree for spring, a cactus for summer, a bare tree for autumn and an evergreen for winter), but they are designed to suit a variety of seasoning needs.

Find the Kitchen Seasoning Jars in the four seasons design on Amazon for $14.99. These containers sold by TabEnter are made with food-grade plastic and compatible with most common herbs and seasonings, so you can fill your seasoners with your family’s preferred spices.


For example, winter and spring have small holes, making them perfect for sugar, salt or pepper. For winter, a white seasoning like salt or sugar would be fitting as it mimics snow under the evergreen tree, whereas pepper in the spring seasoning shaker mimics the earth of fresh, muddy spring gardens.

Meanwhile, the autumnal shaker is perfect for spices like crushed red pepper or even paprika, as the red hues mimic the fall colors of leaves scattered on the ground.

Complete your “four seasons” tableau by putting oregano, chives or mixed herbs in the summer seasoning shaker, which completes the look with its desert cactus. (The bare tree and cactus shakers also feature larger holes so you can disperse more of these particular seasonings).

This product has 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 53 reviews.

Or, check out the other unique four-season design from TabEnter which features animals instead of plants.

The sweet little bunny seasoning jar welcomes spring. A camel corresponds with summer, a deer represents fall and a polar bear evokes winter — of course!


These fun seasoning shakers will be a wonderful talking point and a good way to get kids involved with seasoning their own food and taking more responsibility for their dinnertime choices. Plus, they’re just darn cute!

This set is also available for $14.99 on Amazon.


This will definitely add interest to your kitchen table!

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