Your Healthy Family: Back to school stop the bleed training can save lives

8:29 AM, Aug 17, 2018

In this Your Healthy Family we’re talking about more back to school topics.  Yes the stories we have done this week about a properly fitting backpack, healthy lunch choices, and keeping a close eye on your kids mental health are very important, but today’s story is about helping kids learn how to save lives in a situation we hope they will never have to face, a school shooting.

Many schools across the country and teaching students important trauma response tactics.  It’s all part of a campaign called “Stop The Bleed.” It’s a program UCHealth adopted when it first began, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where 20 Children and 6 adults were killed.

Flight Nurse UCHealth
As part of UCHealth’s Lifeline flight team RN Ami Bess says more lives can be saved, when people on scene control bleeding until first responders arrive

Ami Bess is a registered nurse with UCHealth’s Lifeline medical helicopter team based at UCHealth Memorial Central Hosptial.  She is often sent to treat people who have suffered the worst kind of injuries and knows the value of controlling bleeding.

Ami says, “UCHealth has a really great Stop The Bleed program.  It’s a program for the community because in this day and age of mass shootings and things like that, controlling bleeding is one of the ways we can all keep people from dying.”

When anyone suffers a trauma that results in bleeding like a shooting, the first step to saving lives is applying tourniquets, packing wounds, and applying pressure to stop or slow the bleeding until first responders can get there.

Dr. Thomas Scalea is a professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, who emphasizes when injured people are bleeding, every second makes a difference.  Dr. Scalea says, “This is a disease of time. The clock starts ticking when you get hurt not when you get to the hospital.”

UCHealth emphasises the Stop The Bleed training to their staff so they can in turn share the training with our communities.

Ami says, “They (UCHealth) reached out to several of us on the flight team and we have taken the course.  It’s so important that we know what’s being taught in our community. We are part of the community and helping people do something that’s so simple, but  so very very important will help save lives.”

If you would like to take a Stop The Bleed class from UCHealth there are several coming up in September, October and November in Loveland and Fort Collins.  The classes are free and are well worth the drive to learn these life saving skills.

You can register for upcoming free classes classes offered by UCHealth here.

UCHealth Memorial is a proud sponsor of Your Healthy Family

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