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A 60-year old cyclist is back on his bike after being saved during heart attack

Posted at 7:50 PM, Oct 29, 2017
and last updated 2018-08-13 22:31:32-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – A 60-year old cyclist is back on his bike after some county workers with life saving skills saved his life in July. Dan Geery, an avid cyclist was out on a bike ride on July 13, but as he entered his 26th mile, things went seriously wrong.

Lisa Kirkman a County Attorney said, ”I was coming back from a meeting at the jail and I saw a very athletic bicyclist speeding down the road.”

Deputy of Community Relations for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Carlos Gutierrez explains, ”I wasn’t going to go to CJC that morning, it wasn’t part of my plan but I happened to divert coming back from an event.”

”All of a sudden he just fell over, So I put my blinker on and stopped,” Kirkman said as she saw the cyclist fall to the ground. Gutierrez who was in the area saw Kirkman flag him down with Dan laying on the ground next to her.

Gutierrez immediately stopped and began to call dispatch, where he explained the cyclist wasn’t breathing nor was he conscious. Dispatch told Gutierrez paramedics were on their way and explained what to do next.

Kirkman and Gutierrez teamed up to administer CPR until the ambulance arrived on scene. Lt. J.D. Ross of El Paso County Sheriffs heard the call out, he was close by and arrived on scene shortly after medics.

“As I got down there they were loading down into the ambulance. And so we Grabbed his bike and and escorted the ambulance up to the hospital.”

Dan was rushed to UCHealth Memorial where Cardiologist Dr. Russel Linsky was the first to see him. “Initially did a cardiac catheterization and we looked at the arteries of the heart under X-ray, we identified where the problem was and put I put in two stents to that blood vessel.”

Dan said it took at least five days before he could remember anything, even after being released the from the hospital.

“Well what I do remember is, I was going to ride my mountain bike up in the Mount Herman area which I changed my mind and decided I would go on the road bike which was a good decision because people found me on the side of the road having an issue where on a mountain bike i would have been up in the trails,” he said.

Cardiologist Dr. Russel Linsky said the main thing that went right was that Dan was such a fit guy, but what made the big difference was him receiving CPR before being brought to the hospital.

Now six weeks after his heart attack Dan he met the two people who saved his life. Carlos told Dan, “we were meant to be there and God just put us there for you.”

Dan was also cleared to get back on his bike, although he is much more cautious these days.

“It’s a cliche but to me now it means a whole lot. Don’t put off what you can do today, because you might not have a chance, and it’s so true.”