Your Healthy Family: Non-surgical options to a surgical facelift

9:39 AM, Jun 28, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS – In this Your Healthy Family we’re talking about non-surgical options when it comes to getting a facelift, with Colorado Springs plastic surgeon Dr. John Burroughs.

Dr. John Burroughs is with Springs Aesthetics and says, “There’s great alternatives we have these days to a surgical facelift.  There are energy based treatments that will tighten and lift. These include laser radio frequency devices. There’s also the so-called liquid facelift where you inject fillers in areas where some of your fat and tissues have collapsed, and that can raise the cheeks, lips and around the eyebrows.  Then there are wrinkle blockers like botulinum toxins, or Botox, they can help lift some areas as well.”

The most gentle energy based approach is the laser radio frequency.  Dr. Burroughs explains, “The Forma radio frequency device we have, you apply it on the outside of the skin.  It takes six to eight treatments, and it will lift jowls and cheeks up. It’s not painful fact it feels like kind of like a warm stone massage on your face.”

The other energy based approach does need some mild local anesthesia but is still less invasive than a traditional surgical facelift.  “The other treatment we have that is not surgical that’s energy based is called Facetight. That goes under the skin and I have to be involved with that because we have to do a few nerve blocks.  Still there are no incisions made, no stitches and that can lift the skin with one treatment session lasting three to four years.”

While these non-surgical treatments may not provide the same results as a surgical approach those may not be the results needed.

Dr. Burroughs says, “These have about half the result of a surgical facelift but for some people that’s all they want, or that they have time for.”

So remember you may not need a surgical facelift to look and perhaps feel a little better.  If your interested in learning more about a surgical or non-surgical facelift your best bet is to schedule a consultation.

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