Your Healthy Family: Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teens

6:37 PM, Jun 18, 2019


In this Your Healthy Family, we’re reminding you that getting orthodontic work on your teeth isn’t just something teenagers.

Many adults may have something about their smile they just don’t like, but figured long ago to learn how to simply live with it.

Dr. Michael Kofford, DMD, MSD, with SoCo Smiles says he sees a good amount adult patients who are looking to find their best smile.  “According to the American Association of Orthodontists roughly 30% of orthodontic patients in general are adult patients.”

Dr. Kofford says almost every adult patient he sees seeking treatment tell him it’s something they have been thinking about it for a long time.

If there is something about your smile, your teeth, or the way your teeth appear that doesn’t seem right to you Dr. Kofford says, “My recommendation would be to first, see an orthodontist.  A lot of orthodontists in town give free consultations, or a low fee minimal charge consultation.” It’s really an investment of your time to educate yourself on what could be done adds Dr. Kofford.  “You see what’s possible, and what it would take to straighten your teeth.”

If you haven’t been in an orthodontic office every, or perhaps since you took your kids in for their  braces, Dr. Kofford says much has changed in terms of treatment options, especially for adult patients.  “Most orthodontists have a variety of treatment options available, whether it be traditional braces, or ceramic braces or clear liners.  Many adults want a very aesthetic option and the clear aligners, like Invisalign or we even have in-house aligner options.”

Another misconception many adults have before seeking orthodontic treatment is that it’s always expensive.  Dr. Kofford says, “There are various levels of pricing structure depending on what the patient wants to be treated, the severity of the case or the length the case requires.”

Dr. Kofford says the bottom line is, if fixing your smile has been on your mind it’s worth looking into.  You may be surprised at what you learn. “I tell people if it’s something that you’ve been thinking about. You should just jump in and do it.  If it’s going to take a year to complete and you wait a year, a year is going to pass either way. In the end, if it’s six months, or a year you can have the smile that you wanted for all these years, so just do it.”

If you have questions, follow up with an orthodontist.  The folks at SoCo Smiles will be happy to talk with you anytime.

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