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Your Healthy Family: In-house dental office membership plans

Posted at 7:56 AM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2023-02-22 10:34:12-05

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COLORADO SPRINGS – In this Your Healthy Family, we’re talking about dental insurance with Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Fred Guerra.  Dr. Guerra tells me that if you know that you need significant dental work done you might want to think about how you pay and traditional dental insurance may not be your best option.

“It’s good that people have insurance, but people really need to know with the dental industry if they need extensive treatment it’s going to go way over and above what the average (dental)  insurance is going to cover.”

Many people will put off having needed work done because they know it’s expensive and they don’t have insurance but that doesn’t mean they don’t have options.

Dr. Guerra says, “For people that don’t have insurance most dental offices will offer some type of in-house membership plan.  I would encourage folks to ask their dentist about that and to compare the benefits (and costs) of the in-house membership plan.  Especially for people that need a lot of extensive treatment.”

If foreseeable dental work is not in your future, and you simply need regular cleanings Dr. Guerra says depending on the cost of your yearly premium a dental office’s membership plan may or may not be a better way to go. “For those, the traditional indemnity dental insurance plans may be fine.”

Finally, Dr. Guerra says It all comes down to the math and what your dental insurance costs you.  If you only need a couple of cleanings an in-office plan could be the better way to go.

“Our membership plan is basically if you believe in getting 2 cleanings a year, then you pay for the 2 cleanings at a slight discount.  You get a fluoride treatment, oral cancer screening, and one emergency visit. Then anything else is during the year is 20% off, so for example if you end up needing five crowns you’re saving a ton of money just by signing up for the plan.”

If you have questions about a dental office membership plan, which Dr. Guerra says is very common and available at most offices, including Guerra Dental pick up the phone and start asking questions.

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