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Your Healthy Family: Laser treatment can lessen use of painkillers

Posted at 10:53 AM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-09 11:27:40-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – Some doctors are using a type of light therapy as a replacement for opioids.  The technology that can help manage pain and promote healing at the cellular level is gaining popularity.

Eric Schumacher retired from his assistant football coaching position 5 years ago.  Eric has dealt certainly dealt with aches and pains, but the pain in his partially torn achilles was something else.

“It’s a hot sensation and at times a stabbing sensation.”

Eric had no interest in taking pain medications like opioids so when he found Chiropractor, Dr. Brent Ungar, he was thrilled to learn how a laser could help his body heal itself.

Dr. Ungar explains, “It’s non-invasive, and extremely safe.  There are very little, if any side effects and it’s highly effective and has great clinical outcomes.”

Multi Radiance Medical makes the device that is used by most professional sports teams, college athletes and some high schools.  However, anyone suffering from muscle and joint pain, arthritis, or neck and back pain might benefit.

Douglas Johnson is with Multi Radiance Medical and explains it’s a safe technology for people to use at home.  “It’s not going to cause any damage to the eyes, so a patient can actually take it home and apply the therapy themselves.”

Based on the speed of the laser, as the light travels from one electrode to the other, the device can essentially tell exactly where the injury is located and then stimulate the cells around it.

Eric says he noticed a difference in 4 visits and that’s what kept him coming back.  “Fifteen treatments and I have no pain whatsoever now.”

If you want to buy one of these lasers, you can but it will cost about $2,500 dollars and some doctors rent them to patients.