Your Healthy Family: When should women begin annual mammograms? It depends

8:28 AM, Oct 25, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS – Dr. Jason Allen, is the Medical Director of the Breast Imaging Program at UCHealth Memorial in Colorado Springs.  Dr. Allen explains that while there may be varying recommendation out there, the best practice when it comes to current recommendations for mammograms for women are clear.

“Mammography is the only proven screening method for detecting breast cancer. There are many different recommendations out there unfortunately, which can be some somewhat confusing to women.  The American College of Radiology and most of the major women’s health organizations including the Society of Breast Imagers recommend that women begin annual screening mammography at age 40.”

Medical history and family history are two factors that can change the age recommendation to start yearly mammograms at an earlier age.

“Family history or other risk factors such as a history of radiation of the chest, like if you have a history of being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” says Dr. Allen.  “Genetic risk factors can also push that age earlier. If you have a first degree relative for instance that was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty, it’s generally recommended that the women that have that first degree relative begin screening about ten years before that first degree relative, a mom, dad, brother, sister, was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Dr. Allen says in southern Colorado UCHealth Memorial not only offers the most current technology when it comes to breast imaging, but also has all of the experts and resources under the same roof you will need if breast cancer is discovered.

“Here at UCHealth Memorial, you will find the most advanced breast imaging center in the southern part of Colorado.  Women that come here get excellent care not just because of the equipment that we have, and the doctors that work here, but because of their ability to access our multi-disciplinary breast cancer team.  The team consists of specialized breast surgeons, oncologists, medical and radiation oncologists, that all specialize in providing breast care so anyone that comes to UCHealth Memorial is going to get the best care available.”

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as picking up the phone.  You can call 719-365-2900, to schedule at the Briargate location on the north end of Colorado Springs, or the Printers Park Location across from Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.

The Mary Lou Beshears Breast Care Center is one of eight accredited breast centers in Colorado. The American College of Surgeons awards the accreditation only to programs that have voluntarily committed to provide the highest level of breast care.

You can find more information about their services HERE on their web page.

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