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Your Healthy Family: American Warrior Initiative helps military veterans in southern Colorado

Posted at 11:58 AM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-09 11:27:41-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – Coming up on Thursday October 18th, there is an important fundraising event for veterans right here in our community.  The 4th annual American Warrior Initiative will benefit them in many ways, from daily quality of life to their mental health.

The American Warrior Initiative (AWI) is a nonprofit program, that stems from the Fairway Independent Mortgage Company.  The goal of AWI and events they hold around the country is simple.

Ruth Vogt, tells me she joined the Fairway team, because of the chance to work on the Warrior Initiative.  Ruth says the evening serves many purposes with one common goal, “It’s about bringing businesses together to decide how we as a community can do a better job helping our military veterans.  The military community has huge impact on our economic infrastructure here in southern Colorado and it’s too bad we often take them for granted.”

Every dollar raised at the event stays here in our area and goes to help veterans.  This year Mavericks Construction and Repair has been chosen as the cause of choice.

Matt Greene is the owner of Mavericks Construction and a veteran himself.  He goal as business owner is to give military veterans a chance to continue to serve while making a living.  Matt says, “As a for profit small business, it’s a challenge to continue our social enterprise efforts, so this will be critical for us.”

With the money raised at the event, Matt will be able to hire and train veterans in our community vets who often struggle to transition back into civilian life.  As a veteran Matt says he has a unique perspective, “There are many skills we develop in the military that are transferable (to civilian life) but many of those Soldiers Sailors Airmen and Marines don’t understand how to transfer them and sell themselves to the private sector.”

Ruth hopes the event and it’s fundraising efforts will make a difference in veterans lives.  “It’s incredible to think there are military folks that have responsibilities (while they sever) that to you and I would be incomprehensible.  The sacrifices they are willing to make for our country are something we often don’t think about.”

If you want to go to this year’s American Warrior Initiative, it’s happening at the Hotel Elegante on Circle on the evening of Thursday evening October 18th. Networking begins at 4pm there will be inspirational speakers and dinner and it wraps up at 7pm.

For more information about attending visit the Eventbrite page (HERE)