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Your Healthy Family: 5 Health Fair, what is blood chemistry?

Posted at 3:39 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 09:06:54-04

The 5 Health Fair season arrives in Colorado Springs this weekend.  The fair will be held at DaVita Medical Group in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Kim Runyon with DaVita explains what doctors, and you can learn from your blood chemistry.  “Blood chemistry is a screening test, from a simple blood test. It screens for important things like cholesterol levels.  Everybody’s worried about diabetes, our kidneys and the liver and we want to make sure those are okay. It also checks for thyroid problems.”

While the thought of having blood drawn can frightening for some people, Dr. Runyon explains it really is a simple and quick procedure.  “We lie you down, we ask that you drink plenty of water before you come so that you’re well hydrated. We have excellent phlebotomists who will simply tie a tourniquet, then it’s a little stick for your blood.  It is very very quick and not as painful as people often think.”

You do not need to fast to have your blood work done at the 5 Health Fair especially if you are diabetic.  Results will be mailed about 4 weeks after the fair and if something urgent is spotted in your results someone will contact you sooner.

Dr. Runyon says there are several red flags medical professionals look for in blood chemistry.  “We are especially looking at cholesterol levels, diabetes, liver and kidney function and thyroid issues