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Your Healthy Family: London Lyle’s road to recovery close to home

Posted at 6:03 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-09 11:27:34-04

When London Lyle swerved to avoid a deer on her way to Cheyenne Mountain High School in October of 2016, her SUV rolled several times ejecting her.  London was badly hurt and rushed to UCHealth Memorial Central in Colorado Springs.

London says, “I broken 26 bones.  I had broken my collarbone, my elbow, and T-3 to T-11 in my spine was fractured like dominoes.  I broke some ribs, I had a crack in my pelvic bone, so I was in a lot of pain. I also had a big cast on my arm because they performed surgery on my elbow.  I also had a collapsed lung and they had to put in a chest tube.”

Dr. Paul Reckard was London’s trauma doctor at UCHealth Memorial Central.  Dr. Reckard recalls, “She hit her left chest pretty hard and broke a number of ribs and bruised her left lung fairly significantly.  The other thing was her clavicle on the left was significantly fractured.”

Getting the critical care she needed in Colorado Springs meant that she didn’t have to be transported to Denver.  Being close to home allowed London and her family to have the support of friends and loved ones through her recovery process from the very beginning when she was first rushed to Memorial.

London says, “Being a teenage girl they knew that needed my friends.  That day as soon as they found out about it (my accident) they all came in a hoard from school.  Before my emergency surgery they allowed them to come into the I.C.U. and your only supposed to have like 3 family members or whatever.  That was as important to me, the human side and the emotional side as the medical side for my recovery.”

London says through her long and difficult recovery she now feels like she has a second chance at life that she doesn’t take for granted.  “I’m more open, it made my mom and I a lot closer, I mean we didn’t really have a choice but to become very close. I think it definitely softened me, and that is a good way of putting it.  I think I care more about other people’s experiences and I think I understand that we’re all growing and learning and no one really knows everything.”