Your Healthy Family: What you can learn from your blood count at 5 Health Fair

1:48 PM, Apr 23, 2018

This coming weekend will be the final 5 Health Fair happening in Colorado Springs and Canon City.  Dr. Kim Runyon with DaVita Medical group joined me in studio to talk about the important health issues we can call learn from our blood count.

Dr. Runyon first explains what a blood count is?  “Think of it as seeing the amount of platelets , and making sure your platelets are right.  We’re looking for infections, white blood cell count, and $25 dollars is a great screening cost.”

One of the benefits of the 5 health fair is being able to get several health screenings for free or low cost.  The blood screening is one of those low cost screenings.

Dr. Runyon explains what we can learn from our blood count.  “It looks for your ability to be able to fight infection. If your anemic, you’re going to be tired and we can also diagnose some blood cancers, so blood count is important.”

There are also certain red flags that can be learned from your blood count.  “White blood cell count is looking for infection, or if hemoglobin that you have is adequate, and making sure you’re platelets are clotting correctly.”

While results are not available right away, Dr. Runyon says if there is a critical problem someone will reach out to you immediately.  “You will receive the results within 4 weeks, they will be mailed with an analysis attached, and someone will get in touch with you earlier than that, if we find something that’s critically wrong.”

This Saturday April 28th, the 5 Health Fair will be in Colorado Springs from 8am to noon at Mission Medical located at 2125 E. LaSalle Street, Colorado Springs.  There will also be a location in Canon City, from 7am to noon at the Evangelical Free Church at 3000 E. Main Street in Canon City.

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