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Your Healthy Family: 5k on May 5th works to raise awareness of sepsis

Posted at 12:26 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-09 11:27:48-04

Once again this year UCHealth Memorial is sponsoring the annual Jeffrey Ray Davis Sepsis Challenge 5k.  The race is in its 5th year, and will be happening on may 5th at America the Beautiful Park with a new twist this year.  

Lisa Bartlett works year around to raise awareness about sepsis.  Her life took a major turn in 2012 when she lost her then husband Jeff to sepsis in less than 24 hours.

Lisa recalls, "my 40 year old husband was put in the hospital on October 19th, 2012.  He was there for about 7 hours before they realized he was in septic shock, they thought he had the flu.  We had little babies, 3 and 9 months old and he had two stepdaughters from a previous marriage. Within 23 hours I went from being a happy woman, perfect family, job, marriage, everything and then I was turned into a 35 year old widow with 4 kids."

Deb Bright is a registered nurse and the director of clinical care with UCHealth Memorial.

Deb explains, "Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming response to an infection and it can sometimes be life threatening.  Sepsis can lead to a lot of severe complications. It can lead to an amputation it can also cause death.”

Lisa is active on Facebook and in her community year around, trying to raise awareness of the warning signs and symptoms of sepsis.  This race is another way she hopes to help others to be armed with knowledge so they don’t have deal with the kind of life changing tragedy she has.  

Lisa says, "It’s still hard sometimes, we had little babies 9 months and 3, so it turned my world upside down so I’m trying to prevent other families from having to endure that pain, and teach them and recognize the symptoms themselves."

Again, this year’s race is coming up on Saturday morning May 5th at America the Beautiful Park.  It’s a timed race with awards given out to the top 2 finishers, and new this year it’s a color run so come prepared to race hard and have fun at the same time!

To learn all about this year’s Jeffery Ray Davis 5k and to register, click here