Your Healthy Family: 5 Health Fair should lead you to regular check ups

1:57 PM, Apr 13, 2018


The 5 Health Fair making it’s stop in Colorado Springs this Saturday April 14th.  If you don’t have insurance or a primary care doctor the fair is a great chance to get important health screenings for free or at low cost.  If you have a primary care doctor and get an annual physical chances are you are already getting the important preventative care you need.

Dr. Sabine Shaffer with UCHealth’s Chapel Hills Primary Care, says an annual physical is one of the most important things you can do for many reasons.  “An annual physical helps you figure out what screenings you have coming up, which ones are most appropriate for you and what age you should start and stop them.  I think it’s also good to get established with a provider. They will check things like glucose screening, and blood pressure checks, and those kinds of things based on your family history.  You can detect things a bit earlier and if you are ever sick you have a provider that you can get in with generally quicker.”

Dr. Shaffer also points out that If you don’t have a regular doctor, the time to get one is before you need one.  “Many people are healthy and go through life until they are fifty or sixty and suddenly think I need a doctor when something comes up.  I think even when you’re younger hopeful if you have a cold or something that evolves into a more serious illness, it’s important you have somewhere to go, and that you find that somebody you like before you’re really sick.  Then you many find somebody that you don’t like, but really need.”



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